An Overview of Smegma


Smegma is one of the naturally occurring secretions caused by sebaceous glands that are located in the male and female genitalia. It is primarily results from the shedding of the skin cells. It is generally harmless, but it can be a problem once allowed to buildup. To know more about this, visit .

Smegma & Buildup

It is important to note that if smegma is allowed to buildup, it begins to have a bad odor. Smegma can be a medium for bacteria to breed which may lead to genito-urinary infections.

In males, the buildup of smegma may cause the foreskin to be stuck to the penis’ head; thereby, making erections painful as the foreskin cannot be retracted easily. This problem may also be experienced in females. When there’s buildup, the hood of the clitoris may be stuck to its shaft and glans which can be very painful.

Additionally, smegma buildup in males may result to balanitis; wherein, it causes inflammation to the head of the penis. Other manifestations of balanitis include foul-smelling discharges. It is a common condition among males; it is, in fact, the reason why 10% of men go to sexual health clinics for checkups.

Smegma Buildup Prevention

Smegma buildup can be prevented by proper hygiene. That is, washing the genitals with the use of warm water for at least once each day; this goes to both males and females.

For uncircumcised males, it is important to include washing underneath the foreskin as this is the place where smegma can build up.

Accoding to the NHS, it is not advisable to wash your genitals with perfumed soaps or shower gels as this may only lead to further irritation. Instead, use pH-balanced soaps designed to clean genitalias.


Is Smegma associated with Cancer?

Some studies show that there is a possibility for smegma to contain substances that can cause cancer; however, there hasn’t been enough proof yet.

The American Cancer Society believes that smegma itself may not be responsible for cancer of the penis; but, it has the potential of increasing one’s risk to cancer since it causes penile irritation.

Smegma in Children

Smegma is particularly common in young boys. This is primarily because their penis experiences a change as their foreskin detaches for the penis’ head; which requires shedding of the skin cells. This change may occur at various ages; but it usually occurs before the age of 5.

When cleaning your child’s foreskin to remove or prevent smegma, it is important for you to remember not to force the foreskin back as it may cause pain, bleeding, tears, and even scars to the skin.

Physical Fitness and Strong Motivation


Terry Bahat, a health and fitness coach said that one of her most memorable career success stories was when she was coaching an overweight bank manager who wants to travel to Kenya but was convinced that she was too heavy to pursue it.

Bahat says the challenge was to engender the self-belief in the woman and spend several months training with her outdoors. For several days in a week, their focus was mainly on stretching exercises, Pilates, and weight training before the hard work began to show off.

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The client eventually dropped 40 kilograms with proper motivation and went to Kenya.

Bahat says, “Now she is running half-marathons, whereas months ago, she couldn’t even run across the road to save her life.”

Who is Terry Bahat?

Terry Bahat owns CoreWorks which is a small business about health and fitness that she established in 2005. One of the many goals of this venture is to assist overweight professional women who are more than 30 years old to lead healthy lives. She coaches some of her clients online through Skype and also conducts face-to-face personal training with about 10 clients per week. She teaches Pilates and has group fitness classes. However, she didn’t consider any of this as a job.

She said, “If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. I don’t work, because this is my passion. I am a woman on a mission.”

Bahat Serving the Army

Bahat was originally from Israel, but she moved to Australia over 10 years ago. Before her move, she had served time with the Israeli army, working as a developer for sports and recreation for new recruits. She was the one responsible for training young recruits and makes them fit enough to be soldiers.

She recalls that some of her trainees arrive with make-up on.

“We had to do something else with them. We had to make soldiers out of them so the country could rely on them,” said Bahat.

According to her, her experience from the army has been a great help in establishing CoreWorks. It inspired her to build a health and fitness career with strong goals.

“I teach them one thing and one thing only: how to get their desired results. I want and I demand but I know when they have another five push-ups or that’s it. It’s my job… it’s my expertise,” she said.

According to the latest report from the IBISWorld industry, the personal training industry will grow at approximately 5% a year for the next three or four years along with the increasing popularity of the best pre-workout supplement. Bahat says her goal this year is to train at least 10,000 women. She aims to stage a lot of group sessions and events.

“Maybe it could become a fitness movement; not just a fitness training and coaching business. I think it’s important and I believe I can do it,” she said.

Is It Okay for Patients to Remind Medical Staff to Wash Their Hands?


A lot of patients are willing to remind workers in the healthcare setting to wash their hands during their stay in the hospital, a new study from South Korea suggests.

However, there are many nurses and doctors hate the idea of patients telling them to do so, the authors stress.

“Hand hygiene is considered as the most effective way in the prevention of infection within the health care environment”, American Journal of Infection Control authors write. “It is very important to create a better understanding and to uphold a facilitating setting for patient involvement for patients and health care staff.”

Patient participation has already been suggested by healthcare authorities in order to improve hand hygiene, however the authors said it’s quite vague whether the concept is acceptable for health workers and patients alike.

Healthy Approach

Dr. Min-Kyung Kim from the Seoul National University College of Medicine together with colleagues have surveyed 334 patients or significant others, plus 387 nurses and 152 doctors at a certain hospital in Seoul.

They made a query among patients and families if they were aware of the significance of hand washing, if they planned or wanted to ask the health care workers regarding hand washing and why they are hesitant to ask about it.

Doctors and nurses were also asked by the researchers for their views of how significant hand hygiene is, how often they do hand washing and the reasons why they fail to do so as well as their feelings and reactions towards patient participation.

75% of patients and 84% of their significant others wanted to ask health care staff to wash their hands if they had not done hand washing.

However there are only 26% of doctors and 1% of nurses who have agreed to the idea that patients should ask them to do hand washing. The most usual reason they opposed with patient participation was all about the negative results on the health care staff-to-patient relationships.

Some other reasons include an added workload, patient’s knowledge inadequacy, about legal matters and concern that their power might be undermined.

If patients will participate, then nurses and doctors would like to be asked directly to have their hands washed. But the patients and their significant others preferred to check the hand washing of healthcare workers when they will be out from the hospital or periodically during their stay, rather than asking directly the health workers.

Dr. Nasia Safdar, who wasn’t part of the study, said that healthcare providers and patients should agree that hand hygiene is an important and a healthy approach towards controlling the spread of infection, yet they disagree on the best means in promoting it.

“The perceptions and involvement of patients and also those healthcare providers vary from each and every culture, so results in just one setting can’t be generalized,” Safdar shared.

Safdar who is a researcher from the University of Wisconsin Department of Medicines, told that she believes both patients and doctors might feel comfortable if the patient had the choice of keeping staff reminded to wash their hands.

Hand washing is “important for the infection prevention,” she stressed.

New Research Says That Enough Sleep Is Essential To Maintain and Improve Brain Health


The relationship of sleep to physical health has been proven many years ago. Insufficient sleep or too little sleep is linked to diabetes, obesity, increased risk of accidents and cardiovascular disease, with these, it is recommended to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep for adults but the sad truth is that 30% of the entire population in the US are actually sleep deprived. In a new research study, they said that sufficient sleep at night is very essential to promote brain health since it can strengthen the connective tissues, maintain a healthy brain, it can process memories well and prevent loss of tissues.

In children, sleep plays a critical part of the maturation of the brain, it can strengthen the connective tissues of the brain’s right and left hemisphere during sleep as manifested in the study conducted by the University of Colorado. The study was specifically conducted with children aged 2, 3 and 5 years old, the results showed that sleep is linked to the development of the brain because it can strengthen the bonds of both hemispheres. This goes the same for adults, sleep is linked to storing and processing the things encountered and learned during the day, according to the study spearheaded by the University of Tubingen. During sleep, the information and materials learned at daytime are stored in the brain as long-term memories, in effect, future learning will be easier. The study determined about the capabilities of memorization in children aged 8 and 11 also with young adults by showing series of events. These were given to two groups, one group has a good night’s sleep while the other remained awake all throughout the night.  The group that showed better result was the one that had sufficient sleep at night and children have better memory than young adults. This is the reason why everyone should have a full night’s sleep especially for children to store memories well.

In another study conducted in Sweden by the Uppsala University, they find out that sleep deprivation can result in brain tissue loss. They studied a group of young and healthy men, all of them were sleep-deprived for the entire night and on the succeeding day, they had 8 hours of sleep. The night when they were sleep deprived showed a significant increase of the two molecules found in the brain, S-100B and NSE, the rise of these molecules are experienced when there is brain degeneration and brain damage. This means that everyone should sleep at least 8 hours each night since insufficient sleep is critical if you want to maintain a healthy brain.


With so many studies proving that enough sleep promotes brain health, everyone must live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, engage in physical activities and have a restful sleep at night. However, if these are the basics of life, still, these things are very hard to maintain, the good thing is that there are supplements that can help maintain and improve brain health especially for elderly people. One of the most popular supplements for brain health is the Neuroflexyn, it is one of the leading natural supplements which is proven to enhance focus and short-term clarity at the same time, promotes long-term brain performance and health.

A Study Shows That Toxins of Marijuana Smoking Can Be Reduced


Harmful toxins found in marijuana smoke can be avoided effectively through the use of a volcano vape, this is according to the latest study conducted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and California NORML also with the support coming from the Marijuana Policy Project. During the study, the researchers tested the cannabis vapors which are heated in the vaporizer and compared the results from smoking marijuana. This device heats the material with a temperature of 130-230 degree Celsius, at this rate, it can produce medically active vapors but below the combustion’s threshold where the smoke is formed.

The vapors produced consist of overwhelming levels of THC, a major active ingredient in marijuana while compared to the combusted smoke, it contains more than 100 chemicals including carcinogenic toxins common in smoking tobacco and several PAHs or polyncuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. Tobacco smoking and use of marijuana have respiratory hazards because of the toxic by-products derived from combustion and not on the active ingredients of the plant called cannabinoids. Also, the study suggests the respiratory hazards of patients using medical marijuana can be avoided through the use of a vaporizer. In another study conducted by the Institute of Medicine in 1999, they recommended avoiding long-term smoking of marijuana due to health risks derived from smoking but they failed to account the use of vaporizers.

In other studies, they found out that vaporizer reduces harmful toxins in smoking cannabis and in previous studies, it can completely eliminate 3 specific toxins namely, benzene, toluene and naphthalene. In this new study, to examine the components of the gas in the vapor, they used GCMS or gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. It showed that the vapor produced was remarkably clean, it consists 95% of THC and found traces of cannabinol, another kind of cannabinoid. The other 5% consists of small amounts of other components such as one suspected PA, one suspected relative of cannabinoid and caryophyllene, fragrant oil in marijuana and other plants. On the other hand, gas found in combusted smoke is more than 111 various components and half a dozen of PAHs.

The sponsors of the study believed that the results of the study give support for a much wider use of this device to help researchers and most especially patients of medical marijuana. As of today, the FDA does not approve the use of vaporizers to administer marijuana in human research subjects, they only allow it through smoking NIDA cigarettes. There are many organizations supporting efforts so that the FDA will approve the use of this device.

Healthy Food Guide For Healthy Life


Eating regularly is not all we want, eating healthy is important. While going for healthy eating the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure of what you are eating and, whether your diet is meeting the nutritional requirements of your body or not.

Since birth till death, complete life span of any living being, is a process of growth and development and various functions keeps on taking place within our body. And for proper functioning of our body we need proper nourishment as very specific nutrient has its role in the development of our body.

Healthy food guide will help you to analyze you diet and its nutritional requirements.

First of all you need to be well aware of types of nutrients. There are six types of nutrients responsible for the development.

Calories: – calories provide energy, but too much calories lead you nowhere other then gaining useless weight. You need to switch to low calorie diet as complete stoppage of calorie intake will be hazardous to your health. Lo calorie diet includes low fat milk and dairy products, lean meat, fishes and poultry with added calories. You can monitor the amount of calorie you are taking by regulating the method of preparation as you can avoid too much of added calories and also by regulating the portion size of you meal intake.

Proteins: – protein helps in the development of the body. It is very important for the formation of tissues. They contain a great amount of amino acids that are essential for our body. Essential amino acids are those amino acids that are not synthesized inside our body and are taken from outside as apart of our diet. If they are not taken in the diet results in poor development of our body. Animal meat, eggs, fishes and poultry provides huge amount of essential amino acids. These amino acids are not present in the cereals hence proteins from cereals cannot alone support the development. However dries beans etc have these amino acids and can supplement animal protein.

Fats: – fats are the store house of energy in the body. When we eat fats, they burn inside the body and act as fuel to keep you working. They also help in development of nervous tissues. Some fat is also deposited in the body so that it can be used in future when needed. If the fat metabolism fails in our body then this fat is deposited in the cells and causes obesity and other problems like atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension etc.

Minerals: – different minerals have different role in our body. Minerals are important for the development of bones, teeth, the help in normal functioning of heart by maintaining the heart rhythm and muscle contractibility, they regulate the acid-base balance of the body and accelerates normal neural conduction. They facilitate cellular metabolism and are an essential part of hormones and enzymes. The intake of minerals should be regulated. They are not produced inside the body and excessive intake can exhibit toxic effects.

Vitamins: – vitamins are not synthesized inside our body and are taken from outside. They are important and vital in almost all the functions of our body. Be it immune system, hormonal or nervous system vitamins plays important functions in all the processes of our body.

Keeping in mind, healthy food guide, if a diet is planned, it will surely provide you a healthy life.

Healthy life will make you wealthy


All people in the world are willing to be healthy till life ends, but still there are some barriers for the people to face in their day -to -day life. Many health tips are commonly known to all, but still there are more to lead a better life in this mechanical world. We are well aware of the famous proverb that "Health is wealth". So, only a healthy person can be wealthy in his life span, here wealth also has the meaning "Happiness". The happiest people in the world are very few due to improper health. A human body is made up of many organs internally and externally for various functions, if all are in good working condition then he is said to be a healthy person. The awareness of being healthy should be taught to children when they are young, only then can they live a better life when they are older.

Healthy life will make you wealthy

Some parents may ask their children to eat anything to be healthy because they are young, but they do not know that it is not good for health. Due to this wrong guidance the child will suffer in his old age, because the child lives by what he has been taught since he was a baby. Thus the child who had been motivated to eat unhealthy foods will always have a hankering towards it even when he is grown up. So proper health tips should be given to children and parents are the ones responsible for the same.

Here I can give you some health tips for the parents to teach their children and make them live long. Ask your child to drink plenty of water instead of carbonated beverage. This unhealthy carbonated beverage will cause ulcer inside their stomach. Water is the good medicine for health. Drinking more water makes the skin shine and also makes the body free from heat. Drinking a cup of water in the early morning is good for health which is advised by the doctors and researchers.

Healthy life will make you wealthy

All children should be advised to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. A healthy child who has proper nutrition and exercise will perform better than the other children both in studies and games. Washing of hands before and after eating will protect the children from bacteria which cause dangerous diseases. The parents should also aware of the vaccination for the children in their younger age, which creates immunity power for them. It is advisable to consult with a doctor for dosage. At least parents should follow these health tips to serve good health for their children even though it is very hard to teach them when they are babies. It is much advised to have annual checkups to confirm that nothing is wrong with the child. If there is any then it should be treated in the initial stages.

These are the basic health tip which is important for all to follow in their life to lead a healthy life so that he can be wealthy forever.

Health News Trends And Headlines


With a lot of news being released regarding health these days, several people may feel a bit overwhelmed.

Fortunately, help might be at your fingertips. A new Website,, is designed to support excellence in health and medical news reporting by grading stories on accuracy, balance and completeness.

"Health care clients who make use of will learn how to search for evidence in any claim created by any source, including news stories," stated Professor Gary Schwitzer of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication and publisher of the web site. "Readers will become not only wiser consumers of health care but smarter consumers of news," he added.

A team of impartial reviewers at the site assesses the quality of the health stories that run in the nation’s top 50 newspapers, the evening network newscasts, Associated Press wire services and weekly news magazines utilizing a standardized rating system. The team consists of medical and public health professionals, journalists and researchers. Financed by the nonprofit Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making, the site does not provide medical help and advice-instead it helps readers figure out the often conflicting news about health claims.

"The Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making is convinced that health care consumers should have access to the most timely, accurate and unbiased information when making medical decisions," said Jack Fowler, president of the Foundation. "Since the media play a very significant role in how individuals obtain a lot of this info, is really a natural extension of the Foundation’s mission." makes use of a star system to rate the stories established on various criteria, such as: the novelty and availability of the idea; the presence of alternative choices; expenses of a treatment or procedure; sources of info in creating the story; and quantification of harms and benefits of a treatment or procedure.

The web site gives information on a variety of topics, such as breast cancer research, the latest on children’s vaccines and the value of PSA tests. The web site simply reviews news stories that create a therapeutic claim regarding specific treatments, procedures, vitamins, nutritional supplements and diagnostic and screening tests. Does Prozac treat anorexia? Will acupuncture cure hot flashes? Each day, the website looks at news stories and helps readers make sense of information that affects people and their friends and family.

You are able to get a healthy dose of helpful info from a new site designed to assess health reports.

Quit Smoking: Living a Healthy Life


Nobody is ignorant concerning the harmful effects of smoking. So, why is this a great percentage with the populace remains hooked on the habit? How come most are still struggling with smoking related ailments and diseases? There are times where you need to remain true for the better. Now’s that time. Love your life. Quit smoking even if your folks do, even though your friends will despise you. Yes it’s not easy as 1, 2, and 3. However, continue reading. What I is going to be talking about may completely encourage that you turn your back out of this deadly menace of an habit.

Quit Smoking: Living a Healthy Life

There are quite a lot of consequences brought on by smoking. However, many people are still trapped in the habit and can hardly get away from it even if they want to. This is because nicotine has addicted them. Don’t be among these pitiful people. Make your stand and spread bad news about it. You will never know. You might save your friend’s life from cigar since you take action in moving away from cigar with the help of Luci Cigarette Coupon.

Tremendous number of deaths has been closely linked to smoking cigar. This is still rampant in spite of the constant warning from the government on the grave effects of smoking. This will not be the case if someone hand them some Luci Cigarette Coupons. Well, we can never really blame this people since nicotine is an enslaving cigar component. It takes courage and determination to stop and live a clean life.

A great number of smokers even think that the habit is definitely plain casual and acceptable. If they only knew a Luci Cig coupon can help them save minutes of their lives. You would not think much the same way if you get to learn someone hardly catching a breath as a consequence of ruthlessly damaged lungs.

Living a cleaner and healthier life is the perfect thing. However, wrong moves can totally ruin the sort of life you’re living. Fortunately you can still make straight the journey. You can still take action to get away from cigar fangs. Seek a specialist on how you’ll be able to rid yourself of any nicotine products or tobacco. Your life is too precious to be wasted on cigar. Your family needs you. Your friends need your motivation. Begin with yourself so you might just assist saving one soul from suffering a deadly cigarette related disease. Consider some help from Luci Cig coupons. Soon selecting far from what you’re right now.

How to Have a Financially Healthy Life After Bankruptcy


If you have just gone through a bankruptcy, you may be thinking that you will never have a healthy financial life again. You should not despair, because it is not only possible, but probable. Most people who go through bankruptcy once never do it again. It is possible to heal your financial life and to eventually buy a car or even a home -but you have to be willing to do some hard work first.

Build an Emergency FundYour first order of business post-bankruptcy should be building an emergency fund. This is money you save up and set aside to cover those little emergencies that come up. It should be no less than $1000. This amount will cover most emergencies, including the majority of car repairs, and keep you from going back into debt. It is important for everyone to have an emergency fund, and especially important for people who are just coming off a bankruptcy and do not have any established credit.

Save Three Months Worth of ExpensesThe next thing you need to do is save three months worth of basic expenses. This amount will be enough to cover you in the event of a job loss or other disaster that throws you out of work for an extended period of time. If you have three months of expenses in the bank, you will not have to worry about borrowing from payday lenders or selling your stuff if the unthinkable happens.

Stay Away from Credit CardsThis step is so important that it should be repeated: stay away from credit cards. No one needs a credit card, much less someone who has just been through bankruptcy. Pick up a credit card, and six months from now you will likely be in debt again. You do not need to have a credit card to get either a car loan or a mortgage. That is a myth.

Get a Secured LoanAfter you have your savings built up, go to your bank and take out a secured loan. You will put a small amount, say $500, into a savings account, and they will loan you the same amount for a very small rate of interest. Once the loan is paid off, you will be well on the way to re-establishing your credit.

Stay Out of DebtYou should only go into debt to buy a car or a house, and not the former if it can be avoided. You need to save up enough to make a substantial down payment before making a purchase.